Does anybody individuals know a great free joomla extension to produce forms? I've looked the joomla site but many of them are commercial and also the free ones very lite and buggy. I've Joomla 1.5 installed.

I have to have forms for my website a subscription some volunteers.

Thanks ahead of time.

I have had some knowledge about that was not so difficult for any non technically minded client to setup an easy email inquiry form. The free version comes with a "run by chronoforms" link underneath each form though.

definetly the very best is breezing forms for joomla, here are a few demos:

breezing forms for joomla demos

I went into this myself. I did not come with an problem purchasing among the form packages, but not one of them did things i wanted, and so i produced my very own.

Things I wound up doing was to accept Zend Framework's Form classes and strip the dependencies using the relaxation of Zend, as well as the majority of the controller stuff. Then i just produced a module that defined my forms (arrays of Form Elements, however with hooks to place custom logic in) and loaded them into articles while using syntax.

Used to do this within tight deadline, and weren't in a position to fix it as much as offer being an actual project. It did work very well though, and there are many code that you could lift from Zend.

breezingforms is defintely much better than rsforms, which does not have paged forms.

sure it can be done for convenient and dirty forms but there's greater than just exhibiting form products like record management. These Joomla! extensions usually take proper care of everything for you personally already. One even uses auto-layout that is very time saving: autolayout example

We have used JForms for quite a while now and every one of our customers are happy by using it. You are able to design your forms by dragging and shedding form elements to the form. You are able to setup mail notices and export all data in numerous formats (csv, xml, xls to title a couple of).

breezingforms I'm very satisified with, can be used content construction package (cck), too:

All the Joomla extensions to produce custom forms are buggy, and not just that, they're insecure. Each time a customer asks us to set up one we must customize the latest version and take away any XSS and/or SQL injection vulnerability (so make certain you accomplish that).