I authored a Joomla wordpress plugin that will eventually load a library.

The road to library is really a wordpress plugin parameter, as a result once the path is incorrect, a note appears within the after sales, plus a connect to edit the wordpress plugin parameters:

/administrator/index.php?option=com_plug ins&view=wordpress plugin&client=site&task=edit&cid[]=36

Begin to see the 36 in the finish? That's my plugin's id within the database (table jos_plug ins).

My problem is this fact id changes on installation, ie, on different installs, it might be another thing. So I have to find this id programmatically.

The issue is which i could not find this id in the wordpress plugin object itself (why not, that might be joomla's perhaps short-sighted design decision).

So unless of course you understand some neat trick, (I have checked and double checked JPlugin and JPluginHelper classes), I'm going to be while using DB.

Edit Some helpful links:

Guess I'm going to be while using knowledge from that last link...

function getId($folder,$title)title).'"'


    if(!($plg=$db->loadObject()))Wordpress plugin isn't installed or perhaps your SQL server is NUTS.')

    else return (int)$plg->id

That have been effective.