I am hunting for a good PDF viewer for Joomla, the issue is when there's a module within an article all of the PDF audiences I attempted to date show: instead of that module.

Does anybody know a PDF viewer which will show the module. I'd also want it to possess a header and footer option.


I suspect that the extensions 'might' 't be the only supply of your troubles.

Perhaps you have installed "Modules Anywhere" from nonumber.nl?

I suggest you try that first before presuming the problem is based on your extensions.

This is actually the appropriate link: http://www.nonumber.nl/extensions/modulesanywhere

Do the installation, and make certain the editor wordpress plugin can also be installed and enabled (Modules Anywhere may perform these steps upon installation), then open this content item you want to inject your module into and employ the module selection tool presented to you through the editor wordpress plugin.

Once you perform this test, you are able to more dependably think that your PDF related modules would be the causes.

Best of luck!