I've got a Joomla website that actually works perfectly on localhost.

However I have problem after i attempt to upload it to online location.

I selected byethost because my boss told this is the hosting to make use of.

Now, I upload entire joomla website folder using FTP protocol application (FileZilla). After which I must produce a database under specific title have a tendency to has pre-defined prefix. In my opinion that is what bothers me. The title of my database which i export using phpMyAdmin is melodija, however when I create new mySql database online (on the byethost server) I recieve some strange title like b23_4343_melodija so when I import my existing database inside it, the FAIL happens. "Database Error: Not able for connecting towards the database:Couldn't connect with MySQL"

What must i do?

This really is becouse your configuration problems within the configuration.php file within the root web directory

within the configuration file take a look part

var $dbtype = 'mysql'

    var $host = 'localhost'

    var $user = 'root'

    var $db = 'wccms_db'

    var $dbprefix = 'jos_'

make certain you have joined the valid information as the host company provided you

as u indecated the database title b23_4343_melodija (this might be as the hosting account userdetails title is produced coz the Mysql server is really a shared server )

Why don't you just relabel the database? Joomla is set up for the old setup, therefore it is searching for that old database title. I Researched your condition, and that i would look at this: http://lessons.ausweb.com.au/web/Lessons/Joomla-FAQ/Move-Joomla-Site-to-a-New-Server/

It appears just like a comprehensive help guide to moving a Joomla installation in one host to a different.

Best of luck (and WordPress > Joomla :P)!

Either you can relabel your database (e.g. using PhpMyAdmin) or you might alter the database link within the joomla-file configuration.php (var $db = 'b23_4343_melodija').