I've set mod_rewrite in joomla in order to use link like http://www.mysite.com/home, http://www.mysite.com/contact where home and phone are link aliases. All this link are members of menu, but I am intersted in create link that'll be never displayed in almost any menu, just how can do this?

You will find a few ways it is possible. The fast and simple strategy is to create a hidden menu only for creating links. Simply produce a new menu and do not place it inside a module. You can include all of the menu products you would like without needing to display them anywhere and also you get nice clean Web addresses.

You may also obtain the Link to articles without a food selection, however it will get pretty lengthy to make use of. The Link to articles is going to be something similar to -

domain.com/parent food selection alias/item alias.html

It'll make use of the alias from no matter what food selection it's getting the itemID from az area of the URL. I generally make use of the first approach to steer clear of the lengthy Web addresses.