I built a Joomla 1.5 component, non-MVC, and it is working fine, so I'd rather not change it out to MVC. I have to possess some menu products indicate my component, each food selection passing different parameters towards the component. The 'Menu item specific parameters' section in http://docs.joomla.org/Component_parameters is fairly obvious, with the exception that the tutorial finds the XML file that consists of the parameters presuming an MVC structure.

If my component does not follow MVC, where must i put that XML file, and what ought to be its title, to ensure that Joomla will find it and show the parameters within the menu creation screen?


You are able to store individuals parameters within the database table. There's a parameter column where one can define any parameters you would like for every menu element. This really is described within the same joomla doc that you simply connect to inside your answer...

I wound up altering to MVC. :