I have used a picture browser for Joomla known as ImageBrowser. It is good - easy uploads, simple for clients to make use of, even handles zip file uploads. I've Joomla v. 1.5.15 installed and also the latest version of the wordpress plugin too on three or four in our sites without any fuss or issues.

Lately, the ImageBrowser on our sites began acting oddly. It had been as though the Lightbox effect that people must have disappeared completely. I in comparison the configurations for that site to a different and located these were identical. I could not take action within the documentation or forums.

Here's the URL to check out: http://neda.us/photos?view=gallery&folder=BSU+12-5-09. You are able to compare that to a different in our sites with similar wordpress plugin and configurations at South Oak Flooring us dot COM. You need to have the ability to click a thumbnail and obtain a complete size look at the look inside a Lightbox.

Any help necessary and far appreciated.

It appears like it is a jQuery wordpress plugin, by which situation using $ will conflict using the mootools library which Joomla uses. It's not hard to solve, only use this:

jQuery(document).ready( function($) {
    // put your jQuery code in here

If the library itself eliminates jQuery conflicts is yet another matter, however the above should still work fine.

I simply launched a brand new version from the Image Browser component. This latest version should address this problem in addition to fixing a couple of other bugs and enhancing security.

You are able to download the brand new version from: http://imagebrowser.e-noise.com/

Tell me when the latest version works not surprisingly.