I needed to move an internet site on the bluehost server, that is incorporated in the Joomla Platform 1.7. Used to do a lot of reasearch on Joomla.org and google but still haven't resloved the problem. I buy the next error: Infinite loop detected in JError. I went put the configuration file making certain database and user complement with my new database parameters complement and i'm still recieving this problem. Thanks. Urgent response can be really useful. Presently focusing on this which isn't a nice beginning. :(

I've went in to the same problem moving my Joomla site in one server to a different. Things I learned may be the following

Make certain you consider the parameters in configuration.php. Make sure when the following variables inside your configuration.php file is correct. (Make Sure) You probably did point out that you have done this. For the reason that situation I'm 98% sure you have an problem coping with file Characteristics with configuration.php. Alter the Characteristics of configuration.php from 444 to 666.

To obtain more information concerning the error, open the mistake.perl file situated in /libraries/joomla/error/ in your server.

Within the following code:

public static function throwError(&$exception)
static $thrown = false;
 // If thrown is hit again, we've come back to  JError in the middle of    
 another JError, so die!
 if ($thrown) {
// echo debug_print_backtrace();

alter the line // echo debug_print_backtrace()

towards the following:

  echo debug_print_backtrace();

Remember- Whenever you alter the parameters in configuration.php for you new database make certain you that configuration.php file attribute is placed to 666, Otherwise when you attend save the file it won't change. Do this first.. Good luck.