I am spinning an element, and I have been following a tutorial here: http://docs.joomla.org/Managing_Component_Updates_with_Joomla!1.6_-_Part_3

Within the install file code they compare the present installed component using the new install file's params. The code to obtain the installed version is:

$oldRelease = $this->getParam('version');

After I run this, it dies using the following:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method com_mycomponentInstallerScript::getParam()

I figured that in Joomla 1.6+ the params were accessible instantly through the getParam?

Thank you for help.

Should you consider the full script you associated with, they added a function getParam towards the class. since com_mycomponentInstallerScript is not stretching a current Joomla class, that function does not exist unless of course you define it.