I've got a joomla website.this is actually the link

link for siteI wish to integrate a exterior php register and login form.I produce a php register form.It really works perfecly. signup linkThe main problem is i dont understand how to integrate that form to my joomla webpages...I wish to secure my webpages..Only registered customers can observe my page....help me..

Why perhaps you have make your own register form? Joomla already has got the one. To determine it go here index.php?option=com_user&task=register, Login in order for there index.php?option=com_user&task=login. If you want more fields to become completed throughout registation you might you Community Builder. This extention enables to increase user profie as numerous fields as you would like

It's also easy to use Chronoforms to permit registration which brings in multiple fields too without needing to generate an exterior apply for registration/login.

While using tools Joomla needs to stay within Joomla is actually the easiest method to do it. It will help you to keep the sanity and things as uniformed as you possibly can.