You want to create large portal websites for college students.this website filled with revenue making and students information.Joomla is the greatest someone to create this website? and joomla may be the highly security content management systems.please give your suggestion.this website can make hits 50,000 on a single day.Tell every other content management systems is better someone to create large portal sites.i want your help.

Joomla is capable of doing handling huge traffic. It is best to proceed.

I believe Joomla has the capacity to handle huge traffic, however, you will need to take care any extensions you utilize are actually well coded and performant. I am talking about that you will find many extensions which offer really large overhead for your site and can affect performance. My advice is always to hire an excellent Joomla developer to implement the majority of the options that come with your website (i.e.: Checking any extensions you need to use are ok, or developing brand new ones). Besides, in case your site will have to handle that traffic, you need to choose carefully your hosting too ( I'm presently focusing on a website which handles between 30k and 60k visits daily, and server configuration is as essential as good coding ).

I really hope it assisted!

Incidentally, I'm not sure much about other Content management systems, however i think Drupal is much more performant than Joomla, although I favor Joomla structure and Object-Oriented features (whether it has not transformed, Drupal is mainly according to functions. Joomla is mainly located in Objects, following MVC designs generally.