We're using Joomla 1.5.21 and JCE 1.5.7 and also have some challenge with the front-end saving of articles. Saving the content within the front-end doesn't have impact on the content saved within the database and displayed for regular site visitors however these changes are visible for that drenched in user after reloading, deleteing the cache and snacks within the used browser. In other browser it's the same. Strange! I observed these behavior only if the consumer is considered on editor or writer, if he's a writer the editor does not store any one of my changes!

Has anybody a concept, what's happing? Thx for just about any idea, clue or suggestion, thanks!

Thanks Salem for the comment but finally we're able to solve the issue by yourself. The issue was triggered by joomfish or even more by my OS. I'm utilizing a german OS which sometimes switches from british to german by itself, to ensure that we'd two different (language) versions within the back- and frontend.