I've joomla error since setting up multilanguage with joomfish. I am using Joomla 1.5.11 and Joomfish 2..4. Resulting an empty page. How you can trace error? since using joomla default error confirming does not work. still blank page without a penny. There's K2 component also installed. Help, cause i can not determine the mistake?

[Fri Jun 11 18:07:22 2010] [error] [client] script '/home/user/domains/mydomain.com/public_html/*.php' not found or unable to stat

Perhaps you have set display_errors to On in php.ini? You should check this by visiting Help -> System Info and searching around the PHP Information tab.

Also make certain Error Confirming is placed to Maximum in Site -> Global Configuration.

It appears like something is attempting to incorporate ".php". I'd try searching your code (use grep or findstr) for ".php" and find out if you discover anything.

In case your logs let you know what file and line this error has been tossed from, that can help discover the problem.