Hi I'm new in joomla and also have a question about href tag on custom module.

<a href="#">record1</a>

I've this on my small view file and just how can one provide a link about this href? the hyperlink should be support as i alter the url type suppose search engine optimization friendly web addresses by global configuration. I've no clue about this. is link from database or statically? and just how?

Have a look at JRoute, simple method to write Joomla Web addresses. Your web addresses is going to be rewritten instantly if you are using Joomla SEF web addresses or third party SEF components like sh404SEF.

it can help you.......................you will find some good examples associated with you question http://www.seoconsultants.com/articles/1000/urls http://www.avangate.com/articles/url-spinning_70.htm