Greetings, I'll certainly hope someone will have the ability to provide some enlightenment to my problem. Presently, I've 2 joomla sites, layout and menus really are a replicate from the other.

I observed that on Joomla, I'll from time to time encounter "Not able to transmit mail" following a form submission.

Is the responsibility of my server, or the responsibility of Joomla's PHP Mailer ? I'll certainly like to approach my webhost for any solution however i don't want to position a false accusation in it.

Automatically, Joomla uses PHP's mail() function, even though you can place it to make use of other techniques (sendmail, SMTP) within the Global Configuration around the Server tab.

The easiest method to test this is to setup a little PHP script that transmits a note through mail(). The next time the thing is the content, try running the little script and find out if that certain fails too.

Personally, i preffer utilizing an SMTP server for mailing purpose. I suppose your webhost provides something similar to
You can utilize it. Else, you should use the gmail server It will not dissatisfy you without a doubt.