I am using Joomla 1.5 version along with a strange behavior emerged regarding menus exhibiting.

During my default menu I've got a food selection of "Top Of The Page Blog Layout" type to show some news during my webpage.

Everything was fine after i had merely a menu assign for my whole website. The module that display recption menus had the choice "All" selected in "Menu Assignment" group.

But, after i pick the products for that menu to e displayed through "Choose Food Selection(s)", recption menus isn't displayed after i concept a news detail in your home page, even when I've all of the products selected. It only use "All" option selected.

Can there be any distinction between option "All" and choose all products using the option "Choose Food Selection(s)" selected?

I want this behavior because I want several menus during my website which are displayed in various parts. Without it behavior I can not use different menus across this site :( because some pages stay with no menu.

Any hint, Workarround? Thanks in advanced

there's a noticeable difference between checking "All" and marking all products in "Choose Food Selection(s)". In first situation module is definitely displayed as well as in second one module inspections for Itemid value. If there is no Itemid value set or it does not match the chosen products - module isn't displayed.

My suggestion is to produce a new menu in menu manager, which isn't displayed in almost any module, and assign pages into it. So every page you'll need a custom display might have it's own Itemid.

Im glad i possibly could help. Should you assign article for any category, making a category link in menu or hidden menu, it should display menu for those articles in selected category.