i've got a menu:

<li id="current" class="selected parent item556">
<a href="#">Parent</a>
    <li class="item557">
        <a href="#">Child</a>
    <li class="item558">
        <a href="#">Child</a>

And i wish to style just the Parent "a" element, however it styles all of the Child elements too, since their they are under parents "li". I attempted something similar to:

li#current a:first-child{
color: #F2F2F2;

Did not work, how do you style just the Parent "a"?

You should use the immediate child operator > to focus on the hyperlink (i.e. only links directly within the li element):

li#current > a

Try: li#current a:first-of-type to obtain the first a

Or try: li#current:nth-child(1) to obtain the first child