im getting a really strange problem with user logins.

im creating a site where all of the content/menus are just available once you login.

I designed a 'login' with the Modules and assign it the "userlogin" position.

now after i visit the webpage or any page. the login box coms up, BUT theres additionally a second login form. it appears to become originating from com_user.

This com_user login from doest not work. i cant login using any qualifications. whether it was working i'm able to simply remove my login module.

it is possible to way i'm able to either :

get com_user to utilize normal user logins


disable this therefore i are only able to begin to see the Module login.

i'm able to hide it from css, but I wish to know where its originating from.

any assistance is greatly appriciated :)

Look into the menu link that you've produced ought to be public.

If these aren't public then whenever user clicks it, he/she'll be requested login. For this reason the 2nd login choice is approaching.