I wish to produce a page in Joomla that shows just one specified module on the page and absolutely nothing more. I had been attempting to place module within an article but it is no longer working because plug ins will also be writing for articles, and I'd rather not turn them off. MAybe I ought to produce a template with a brand new position, and override default template on that page but maybe there is a better solution. Any ideas?

Joomla is coded either to expect articles or even the creation of an element on every page. I do not understand fully the reason why you can't just place an empty article using the {loadposition module_position} code unless of course your plug ins are instantly producing content for articles. I am accustomed to plug ins that only work when their wordpress plugin code is put into articles. Anyway, presuming that the plug ins are instantly writing for your Joomla articles, then your simple solution may be to include a brand new component like Zoo and employ the "Pages" application to produce a blank/no-title item that consists of the {loadposition xx} code, then link your food selection to that particular Zoo item.

Perhaps you have checked the parameters of this article? Individuals should permit you to switch off the title, author, symbols, date, along with other elements that might be showing up.

It could be possible with this symptom in index.php countModules('condition')) make a move make a move else

place the what you would like within this module and based on this condtion you need to only place module title in countModules('your module Name') then bhe code within the braces. as well as for relaxation of pages place the your code within the else part.