I have to ovveride some modules, and I understand how to get it done http://docs.joomla.org/How_to_override_the_output_from_the_Joomla!_core by creating the /html/mod_title/default.php during my template folder.

But exactly how to ovveride only for several position ?

let assume I have to ovveride the mod_login , that within the "top position" i personally use the modified mod_login ,then .. how do i have another mod_login within the same page (eg. bottomleft position ) but which use the initial mod_login or any other mod_login modification, not the same as the very first overriding.

Do this 1. Create another file within the same directory known as for instance default_2.php 2. Add parameter for that module known as "template"(to become show within the admin->extentions->modules->mod_login) 3. than based on the parameter value(selected in admin for that current demonstration of module) you have to set template for that module 4. than ou may override these templates based on the http://docs.joomla.org/How_to_override_the_output_from_the_Joomla!_core

I really hope it'll helpfull.