I'm attempting to run Joomla on my small local machine. I've installed wamp 2. and everything installed comfortable with it and that i handled to determine it running. I've now arrived at install Joomla 1.5.18 however i am getting an issue with the mootools file around the installation wizard.

When running with the installation process in Opera with firebug switched on I recieve errors concerning the mootools file missing a . After I see the file through home windows explorer it's complete and things are fine by using it however when I click the error in firebug to determine the mistake the file is cut down that we assume is the reason why it's not working and worrying in regards to a missing . To check the file I produced an evaluation page which pulls within the same mootools file which works fine (running in your area and never through http://localhost).

Does anybody know why this really is happening and just how to repair it? It should be an issue with wamp as like I stated the file is okay and runs ok basically run it in the file system, however have no knowledge about servers making this a guess. Perhaps a limit on how big personal files which may be came back because the mootools file is about 7000 figures lengthy.

I've attempted not-setting up both Joolma and Wamp but none of them it has not labored and that i get exactly the same error. Thanks

I am just curious, perhaps you have attempted setting up a more recent version of Joomla? 1.5.8 is a touch bit old and you'll have better luck using something a version or two more recent. Alternately speaking, if you are not really a large fan of setting up WAMP after which by hand setting up Joomla, use a Bitnami Joomla stack. Essentially, Bitnami installs Apache, mySQL, PHP, and Joomla all-in-one fast and simple install.

Hopefully a number of this can help!

I recommend that the issue is avoid the Mootools package however with your template or modules which are loaded in. Are you able to switch off all your modules and reenable them 1 by 1 before you begin to see the error again?