I've got a problem I am attempting to solve for any couple of days now. We enabled the mootools 1.2 wordpress plugin in joomla 1.5 therefore we may use some libraries created for mootools 1.- It labored great, everything was working and that we could continue our work. Because the before the script labored, we did some minor changes, adding squeezebox compatibility towards the front-end, incorporated the cufon script therefore the page would look better,... There have been really only minor changes. Next time I looked mootools crashed. Ie is tossing errors like :

Message: 'className' is null or otherwise an item Line: 335 Char: 2 Code: URI: /plug ins/system/mtupgrade/mootools.js

Message: Object does not support this property or method Line: 1 Char: 47606 Code: URI: /plug ins/system/mtupgrade/mootools.js

Message: Number expected Line: 1 Char: 2585 Code: URI: /plug ins/system/mtupgrade/mootools.js

Which errors are tossed on simple tasks like : $('element').className='something'

The code wasn't transformed also it labored perfectly before.

Can somebody push me in to the right direction? I already attempted to undo the alterations we made, did not work.

Found the answer. Appears that mootools was loaded 2 occasions. The 2nd time that it was loaded within the new template and then the errors.