I am creating a Joomla extension and i am attempting to send some data to some php script, with MooTools, to become held in a database.

This is actually the code for that request :

    myReq: new Request({
        url: '/index.php?option=com_calculator&task=saveData',
        method: 'post',
        onSuccess: function (responseText, responseXML) {

After i run it Firebug throws this error:

Permission denied for <http://localhost> to get property XMLHttpRequest.channel

I have read around and think it may be associated with exactly the same domain insurance policy for Ajax,however i could not obtain a fix onto it.

Do this:

var requestHTMLData = new Request.HTML ({

            url: 'index.php?option=com_calculator&task=saveData',

            update: $('contains')


$('contains') is individuals div id that the wish to response.

for more information see Gantry Framework