I've got a website built-in joomla which is live on the internet in a url:


I've been requested to maneuver it to a different url - domain title


How must i do that properly without playing in the site and joomla installation??

I didn't find any references in Joomla towards the domain that it's running under, so tthere shouldn't be have to change anything. When the site title changes too, update /configuration.php.

Used, you might find that you will find links with properly accredited domains inside your content that you may have to alter. Queries such as the following will help you locate them:

Choose * FROM `jos_content`

WHERE `introtext` like '%mysite.gr%' or `fulltext` like '%mysite.gr%'

If you're on Linux, run the next in the site root directory to make certain that you will find not one other references within the code, for example hardcoded image pathways in templates or even the CSS, etc:

 find . -professional grep -iH "mysite" 

Look into the .htaccess file from the site for just about any custom rules that need a website title.

So the issue is reduced to altering the domain to have an existing site, in order to developing a new site and moving the Joomla installation within the file system, and/or developing a copy from the database. The precise steps rely on your atmosphere.

Additionally as to the cdonner stated , you have to customize the configuration.php file and take away all ref towards the old site

You should also empty the (cache folder)

Are you currently moving the website to an alternative host or account or simply altering the domain title?

If you're just altering the domain title -

All you will need to do is keep your old domain title pointed towards the same Joomla install and give a rule in htaccess to update the domain title towards the brand new one. This not just fixes any properly accredited domains in links in your content or modules, additionally, it fixes any back links that may exist from old domain names. Here's what you ought to increase htaccess -

RewriteCond % ^oldsite.com [NC]

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://world wide web.newsite.com/$1 [L,R=301]

If you're moving the website to an alternative host, do as Hanny states and employ Akeeba backup to maneuver the website.

In the two cases you will need to make certain that old domain is sending towards the brand new one and you've got the above mentioned htaccess rule established to fix any links that may well be damaged.