I simply recognized when I personally use the conventional MVC architecture with one model class, a view class, along with a controller class for each "use situation", for complex use cases i've very large models view or controller files, but I love to use many classes, (I create as numerous various and small object as you possibly can in Java, the code is much more readable and mantenaible).

Can there be in whatever way to make use of MVC pattern and lots of classes?

I suppose you are speaking about: http://docs.joomla.org/Developing_a_Model-View-Controller_(MVC)_Component_for_Joomla!1.7_-_Part_01

If you are asking how you can implement many classes (as if you do in Java) in php, then your answer is you can do the identical! you may create as numerous classes in PHP as you would like!

Assistant courses are most likely what you are after. For instance during my J16/7 components I personally use a assistant class to obtain actions or perhaps a user within the back-finish.

require_once JPATH_COMPONENT.'/helpers/plan.php';
$canDo  = PlanHelper::getActions();

In J1.5 components I have used them for from formatting data for front-finish presentation to locating related rows from secondary tables.