I'm focusing on joomla application. I'm using Search engine optimization url for being able to access application page, however, many of page use alias. After I use pagination on alias pages it'll give page not found error, however with Search engine optimization url it's working fine. Anybody have suggestion to be used pagination on joomla alias page.

Search engine optimization url: http://example.com/community/inbox Alias url: http://example.com/inbox.html


It is best to make use of the non-url-safe notation inside your code and add JRoute into it. This may seem like this:

$link = JRoute::_(JURI::base()."index.php?option=com_yourcomponent&view=yourcomponent&Itemid=1&limitstart=20");

Above is really a connect to the 2nd page inside a component view, when exhibiting 20 products a webpage. Hope it will help.