I'm Joomla I've got a food selection that lists groups inside a section. I've transformed a few of the parameters (like 'do not display headers'). It creates the first category listing, however after moving into groups from that page, these parameters no more apply.

For instance, allows say there exists a food selection 'News' with a few qualities applied. After moving to News > Latest, these qualities no more apply.

Just answer.

It is not easy to express why your condition arises without more information regarding your configurations, but I will venture a guess you have sub-menu products or menu products in another menu for the groups for example Latest.

I'm going this guess because that will explain your condition. For those who have menu products for groups, then your configurations for individuals will override individuals of the section overview food selection.

In Joomla you will find three amounts of configurations which will have an affect on your section and category overview pages (whether list or blog sights). Probably the most general configurations are individuals within the article manager parameters. They are overridden through the configurations from the relevant food selection. If you will find parent and child menu products, then your configurations within the cheapest level food selection will prevail. Finally all of the foregoing configurations could be put aside through the article configurations within the article edit view.

So, my best guess is you need to check for those who have submenu products and what configurations you've there.