I'm using Joomla v1.6 and am necessity of some assistance. I've aprox. 50 videos with game titles which are a number value. I would like the site's site visitors to go in the title number and become immediately submitted towards the appropriate article. Because of the continuing videos being added, a menu won't work along with a search module displays most the videos. Because the user may be watching the wrong video if your option is given (search engine results). I you know what I want would be to limit the steps/clicks the customer needs to use to determine their video choice.

I've spent the final three days searching with no success. I've two Joomla.org publish won' solutions.

Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated.

If you possess the video amounts within the title, will not they are available up within the URL?

For instance, article entitled '12345' that we assume consists of your video:

SEO off: index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1:12345&catid=7:video&Itemid=101

SEO on: /component/content/article/7-video/1-12345

idea: You can most likely really easily perform a form submit using something similar to Jumi and merely match the url pattern after some php, replacing the posted form video number during the last area of the url.`

I believe you should use K2 to classify and manage your videos. K2 is comparable to Joomla's built-in com_content, but has numerous additional features.

You are able to download it here: