Im developing a custom template. Around the top of the page I wish to display articles along with a readmore link.

The content is known as "Article 1" and is incorporated in the section "Test" catagory "Cat". Its access level is public.

How do i show the very first 100 words of this article, and it is title, around the top of the page and also have a readmore link under it that will point fully article. I attempted utilizing a mod_newsflash however it just does not show the readmore link.

I'm using Joomla 1.5. Thx

I personally use exactly the same mod_newsflash on a few sites and also have didn't have problems to date. It is extremely essential that you activate the "Find out more... Link" choice to "Show" under "Module - Edit -> Parameters". Another factor is your article should have exactly one "Find out more...Inch in your preferred position. Where are you finding this "Find out more...Inch factor? Just see your article, edit it and lower there alongside "Image", "Pagebreak" ought to be this button. If you want it to continually break exactly after 100 words or after a quantity of figures, I want to develop something by yourself. For instance: Simply take the entire article, use strip_tags() to obtain the pure text and then just split(" ", $input, 100)/implode(" ", $input) the written text. Best of luck!

There's a extension named auto readmore wich does exactly the thing you need