Im still relatively recent to Joomla component development.

I've got a ingredient that handles rsvps to occasions. Within the administration side you create various occasions and specify the particulars of when where and what time the big event begins etc. Each event comes with an eventid.

Within the frontend I wish to have the ability to show a particular occasions particulars whenever a menuitem is clicked on.

In Joomla administration, my thinking is the following:

1) Visit Menus->Top Menu

2) Click [New] to produce a new Top Food Selection

3) My component shows up there as MyRSVPComponent

However when I click it, nothing happens??

The rest of the default components like search have submenus that you could click that can take you to definitely a Food Selection page and you'll be able to configure the Fundamental Parameters around the right hands side.

I would like my aspect of become that a lot and I wish to have the ability to select the event from a listing which i want displayed for your food selection. Wouldso would Time passes about carrying this out?

Please observe that I haven't adopted the Joomla 1.5 MVC structure for my component. Can One still get this to work, or shall we be held instructed to produce the project using the MVC structure. I've my causes of hesitant to opt for MVC with this particular project so please don't simply claim that Time passes MVC unless of course that's the only method which i likely to achieve what I have to do.

The choices the thing is within the menus are controlled directly through the sights inside your component. You may need a view for every food selection type you want to have. It's not necessary to go MVC however it would likely make existence simpler.

I simply discovered this using the view to integrate a Symfony project right into a Joomal component. Naturally I'd rather not make use of the Joomla MVC with this too.

I've done some debugging regarding how to make your menu links:

  • You must have the hyperlink area looking for your component, matching your component folder
  • You must have the sights folder, matching the "option" area worth of your component database entry

The moment you've this, recption menus manager will show your sights as options

To possess specific view sub options, you have to create /com_yourcomponent/sights/yourview/layout.xml, copy these from com_content. Inside you may also define your menu options.