I've got a site in joomla built a significant very long time in that old version of joomla .Now i must do something about it towards the joomla site and that i had lost my password as well as on visiting the position for lost password i cant access the website can anybody assist me to how to get away from this problem as quickly as possible its really urgent.

I suppose you have the use of your files through FTP, therefore the solution really is easy.

Acess the files and discover the configuration.php file. There there is a Host, username, password etc, of the Joomla database. Then visit the jos_customers table, and then try to make use of this tool to modify your password : Generate a new password for Joomla 1.0.x

This works for Joomla 1..x . For those who have ver. 1.5.x, it will get a bit more complicated.

If you can get single.5 install, you will get your personal password by using this little bit of code:

$salt = JUserHelper::genRandomPassword(32);
$crypt = JUserHelper::getCryptedPassword("yourpassword", $salt);
$password = $crypt.':'.$salt;

Note: The technique that Deepali recommended won't work, because latest Joomla versions (1.5.x) are utilizing the MD5 salted form, meaning, the password is held in the database as


, so it might be harder to interrupt for multiple accounts, because the salt is transformed each time to some random string.

go through http://md5.gromweb.com/ create new password came from here and set to your db jos_customers table