I've site title www.abwad.com

I've located it on linux hosting that is shared on godaddy. Sometime website is running very slow and again soon after a few minutes website is just being employed as rocket for the similar page. Anyone can assist me to for that optimisation of the site. I have tried personally joomla with this site.

I've just around 100 article in five category and speed is worst sometime that is affecting my Search engine optimization.

Anyone can suggest me for other methods and tips through which I'm able to enhance the performance.

Thanks ahead of time :-)

Are you able to confirm whether it's your website or perhaps your web connection? Will it respond exactly the same from a number of locations?

Other activities out of your source:

  • You incorporate your google statistics two times
  • You incorporate your page advertisements two times too

I'd a a website with GoDaddy hosting that is shared, also it was amazingly bad. I'd perform the compression, but I'd also determine the number of other sties are running on a single server having a tool from CheckDNS.internet

Also, consider site uptime confirming tools, like BasicState.com

If compression does not repair it / help, I'd look for a different host company. After many a fruitless telephone call with GoDaddy support, with no obvious answer, I switched.


Whenever you on shared host, you cannot do anything whatsoever.

But in your site, so far as i can tell, you've got a large amount of css and javascripts, the good thing here was your resource wasn't minify. If you are using something to compress css and javascript, your site will accelerate a bit.

For online compress tool, view it http://refresh-sf.com/yui/

Hope it help.