I wish to grab the consumer Object in Joomla in another PHP script.

Anway, what I wish to do is grab the Joomla User (JUser) on the non-Joomla page. Pretty much I would like a method to grab the joomla username, email and title etc and throw it to some php script to be used in another custom application.

What's the easiest method to do that? Create a specialized joomla page by posting the framework, getting the required info in the user, setting individuals as session variables after which redirecting towards the PHP page I wish to use that information in?

Or will i simply make some kind of link on the Joomla page with querystring variables corresponding to the present User so when they follow the link I grab the data in the Querystring?

I am searching for a best situation scenario of ways to get the consumer info to some custom application.

Any insight could be appreciated.

Easiest way is always to produce a User wordpress plugin that logs to your script when someone logs into Joomla: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1503004/joomla-unified-logins-for-forum-and-a-custom-made-php-sub-site/1507349#1507349

is dependent on what you would like the information for.

the juser information is serialised and saved within the session, which means you could reverse engineer might take out the juser data... That might be untidy.

alternatively you can create a wordpress plugin that stores the juser data inside a session variable of your making. the session variable is going to be open to other php scripts.. asuming they will use exactly the same session techniques. (joomla features its own)

you can create a wordpress plugin that stores the information inside a database that's assessible towards the other script, or perhaps a flat file etc. essentially an identical process to presenting a session

You might stock up an adequate amount of joomla to make use of the joomla functions you need to retrieve the juser values.. (untidy)