I have inherited a Joomla 1.5 site and i'm looking for a Joomla ingredient that will allow me to give a register/prizedraw page where people can also suggest the compo to some friend within the one form.


1 - email to visit to our existing database asking these to recommend a buddy for the opportunity to win x prize 2 – they're forwarded to the shape online where they enter their particulars for that prize draw and possess the choice to enter a couple of buddies emails 3 – the recommender is joined in to the draw (registered), as the suggested buddies obtain a princes square email saying ‘you happen to be suggested by....to get exclusive offers and so forth.. click the link to go in.

Does anybody determine if there any plug ins available that performs this or perhaps is it a hands code jobby.

Cheers muchly.

I don't know it exactly matches your needs. But i recommend you to definitely take a look at AlphaUserPoints http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/communities-a-groupware/membership/5949

Take a look. Hope this provides you with some direction.