I am attempting to develop a New Joomla Site , which will be the Primary Site and Customers Signing up towards the site will have the ability to create their very own Sub-sites. For. e.g. if primary website is www.abc.com then sub-sites could be usersname.abc.com.

The stages in the Primary Site that can help customers to produce thier website are :- 1. Choose user Registers 2. Choose web site in the list available , he is able to even personalize or upload their own joomla template. 3. choose the characteristics that customers can also add to his site like blog, shopping site, Photo gallery , Music Gallery , Forums, etc. 4. Adds the url title of his option for his sub -site. 5. Publish.

Can Someone assist me to how this website could be build ?, be it pure personalization or simply getting installed couple of components can get the job done ?, how about server space requirement ? Are we able to build wizard like structure using any component for steps for that easy user interaction ?

Please reply advice, suggestion is going to be rally appreciated.

Thanks, Mukesh