In joomla, I have to assign specifically designed templates for "User Edit" (Where user edits their particulars)


and "Search Engine ResultsInch

I can not for that existence of me see how Joomla is choosing templates now. Certainly ItemID's aren't apparent and template overrides aren't giving any clues.

Presently Search is defaulting towards the site 'home page' template, and also the user edit towards the 'default' template.

I do not think it will matter but we're using jfusion.

Can anybody point me within the write direction

Thanks Stephen

Templates in Joomla are designated to various pages (via menu products) under Extensions > Template manager. The default template (having a star) is designated to any or all otherwise unassigned pages. For that other templates, click on the title and judge the pagesto assign it to.

Without having menu products designated towards the pages you pointed out, you may create a brand new menu known as "hidden menu", result in the menu products there, then connect to individuals menus.

I believe you are getting terminology confused though. "Template overrides" are files that live in each template that override the default content output. There's just one set per template - if you would like multiple template overrides you'll need multiple templates.

template over rides are saved within the templates folder. so if you're using teh template known as "beez" (comes stock standard) web site overides have been in : templates/beez/html/

they're then saved underneath the module or component title. such as the article layout for com_submissions are saved in: templates/beez/html/com_content/article/default.php web site is usualy known as default.php, but each component and module may have a couple of extra templates they use in addition to deafult.php

You now are asking to alter the "user" view for com_user when editing

I believe that location is: templates/beez/html/com_user/user/form.php

should you ever want to obtain the origanal template which is overridden within this situation: template that might be in: /components/com_user/sights/user/tmpl/form.php

so generally templates/templatename/component_title/view_title/template_filename.php

Allows try ::


parameter template originates from /includes/application.php:311

// Enables for overriding the active

template in the request $template = JRequest::getCmd('template', $template)

Hope it'll work :-)

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