I've got a Hindi magazine website located on Joomla. Though useful from posting perspective the website would be a maintenance nightmare. Joomla is really much prone to hacker attacks. My host will frequently shut lower my website because of bots attacking this site. Lately I relaunched the website like a new Wordpress based site on the different title. The Joomla based website would therefore not be up-to-date any longer. However, I actually do wish to keep up with the old content. I have tried personally PHP but hardly am a energy user.

I wish to convert the files as plain HTML. I produced one from the website using HTTrack. But because of the truth that Joomla had number of Web addresses for the similar page (should you used a SEF URL wordpress plugin you'd understand) the mirror is filled with redundant content. Furthermore I've repetitive HTML content (for header,footer,menu etc) in every page.

My questions are:

  1. The industry more sensible choice, produce a static HTML site or PHP4.x pages (with Unicode content and getting include PHP fragments for repetitive content)?
  2. If latter is much better must i use template system like Smarty? I'm concerned about caching because the content will hardly be up-to-date I would like caches to last forever.

Just help.

When the content won't change frequently I suggest using HTML files. They're static and therefore faster.

However, if you are planning to become upgrading content frequently, you'll be able to either upgrade towards the latest version associated with a popular Content management systems ideally joomla or drupal. I cite both of these since they're positively developed and you can aquire a large amount of support on their behalf on the web. Make sure to follow their security guide for solidifying your installation.

Personally I'd move everything to WordPress because you have began by using this. By doing this you'll be maintaining just one website application keeping things better workable over time.

You are able to copy the information from Joomla while using Joomla administration interface. And maybe even faster utilizing a database tool like MySQL Tools or Navicat which provides extensive export options.

Copying the HTML from Joomla using tools like HTTrack or TelePort Professional can lead to plenty of duplicate code and pages as if you condition.

Maintaining an additional PHP site only for that old content is going to be just as much effort as getting everything into WordPress.