i'd developed joomla site,Yogamother.com. In this website top menu have drop lower menu. this menu show other browsers. however it not show in ie 6. And some articles that do not come in ie.(yoga dictionary,what's yoga) please advise me. how do i want it.


I do not have IE6 on anything and so i am using DebugBar's IETester and so i can't guarantee that i'm seeing exactly the same factor just as real IE6. Nevertheless, it appears just like a z-index problem in my experience. In IETester you are able to choose the region recption menus should be in and it'll copy all the next in the menu. It appears that recption menus is underneath the background image for whatever reason.

You need to you should consider eliminating the tables too. Your design isn't particularly complicated and could be simple to write tableless. It'll accelerate the rendering and cleanup your code substantially.

IE Trobleshoot and fix

There must be MARKUP ERROR inside your Joomla template.So book your markup tags are opened up and closed properly.

You are able to validate your markup in W3c Validator

Additionally you can Trobleshoot and fix another script problem ... Some would be the common mistakes right here, http://lifescaler.com/2008/05/ie-object-required-error-and-other-common-coding-mistakes/

I really hope This can useful for you

Maybe it's something related to IE6 position problems when utilizing "width:100%" ?

I would recommend adding this for your CSS:

* html #sfmenu { zoom: 1; }

The Star HTML hack will make sure that only IE6 will get this style. The zoom: 1 provides the menu "layout", unknown property that fixes plenty of things in IE6. (I have examined this with the addition of it for your site while using IE Web Developer Toolbar.)

After carrying this out, you will see recption menus is moved up by about 30px. There's a <hr> inside your menu HTML (within the "Video" section) that's leading to extra room underneath the menu. I would recommend getting rid of this <hr>, or at best hiding it with display: none for IE6.