Can anybody explain extra time where we are able to add articles in another language, the thing is to permit the consumer to produce articles like the ones already existent and write them in another language, to ensure that, once the customers clicks the flag of this language, the articles (and menu) will change to individuals is British.

Based on joomla documentation I'm able to answer this questions like so:

May be the site structure of languages exactly the same or have i got different "sights"? - Exactly the same

Will I need language related content for example different items inside a shop? - No.

Are regions/nations associated with languages or perhaps is the brand new language mainly a translation? - related

Have i got different authors, marketers and so forth for my various languages? - No.

Will I require a professional translation for my website or perhaps is an automatic translation (e.g. by Google) acceptable? - No.

I've discovered only extensions that cope with automatic translations or with locale files and things like that, and also the intended is one thing rather easy, with no of individuals stuff.

Any help could be greatly appreciated.


You should use Joomfish to produce fully workable multilingual website using Joomla

The issue with Joomfish is it isn't suitable for Joomla 1.7

Should you desired to create multilingual website using Joomla 1.7 you need to check this article