I am attempting to setup an internet site menu in Joomla 1.7 but I am getting difficulty because I can not add home link two times. It states something similar to 'alias has already been used', or any other strange error. I produced two menus: one known as main menu other known as footer menu. I am adding like 6 pages as single article.

I am speculating I must use main menu two times, and merely load it into two different menu modules: one for primary menu, one for footer. The truth is, the footer menu has another link compared to primary menu. It is possible to way I'm able to give a connect to primary menu, make use of the primary menu for primary/footer menu modules, only obtain that extra link come in the footer module?

Really stuck here, need your help.


Just produce the second menu (and also the corresponding module) for that footer
with Food Selection Types Food Selection Alias connected with first menu products
and increase the second menu yet another item from the asked for type.