In Joomla! 1.6 Contact Page submission, I wish to set a custom effective message, to ensure that the leading-consumer can observe that message after he submits the contact page.

You will find 2 problems essentially:-

  1. I'm while using default Contact Page component (com_contact), as supplied by the Joomla! v1.6. However I am not able to obtain the proper area where the contact page is posted &lifier the mail has been sent. So I have to be aware of page title &lifier the technique title of the component, firing the mail in the front-finish.
  2. How you can set the custom messages (much like within the administrator panel) within the particular approach to contact page component, to allow the leading-consumer realize that he's had the opportunity to effectively send the mail towards the concerned staff?

Thanks ahead of time to any or all who are able to help.

To exhibit Message

use $this->setMessage(JText::_('COM_YOURCOMPONENT_MESSAGE')); if you're in controller.

or use


And Email is distributed through JoomlaRoot / components / com_contact / controllers / contact.php

discover the function submit(), the mailing code is written here.