I must develop a administration site for my association, and that i is at doubt between selecting joomla or concrete 5 for this.

Within the specific I have to have managers that may watch the information and customers who must have the ability to modify database data. The information obviously is user specific.

Wich solution could get better because of me?

Performs this site only handle this data task? Or perhaps is it a "normal" website with a lot of content, which data function is just one a part of that?

When the website is not mainly page- and content-focused, then you won't want to make use of a Content management systems whatsoever -- you would be better offered by among the frameworks (in php, try CodeIgniter, or maybe you are a far more advanced programmer try Symfony or Kohana).

But when you have an internet site which has plenty of pages and content, which data function is just one some of it, well it truly is dependent on which you are acquainted with already. Are you currently presently familiar with either Joomla or Concrete5? If that's the case, stick to that which you know (unless of course you are searching for a reason to understand a brand new system, by which situation go ahead and make use of the one you do not know). Personally, i think Concrete5 is greatly superior to utilize, both since it "stays from your way" like a developer and allows you code your custom functionality up in whatever way you would like (browse the "single_page" functionality, that is what you will want with this project), as well as because it possesses a a lot more intuitive editing interface for that customers from the site. Concrete5 is among the more recent php CMS's, and so i accept is as true has the advantage of "gaining knowledge from the mistakes" of earlier systems like Joomla, Drupal, etc. But however, since the older systems (like Joomla) have been in existence longer, there's much more documentation, books, forums, etc. available.

All the best.