Im talked about in a single of my earlier questions, im creating a wedding website having a rsvp feature for my buddy.

It had been recommended in my experience which i should use Joomla Content management systems.

However, I planned available coding the website on your own until finish and also have not used at all a Content management systems for example Joomla.

Forgive me, but: 1) What is the purpose of using Joomla Content management systems 2) What advantages does it produce for this type of project (small wedding website with RSVP feature) 3) Must I use Joomla or simply do things i normally do and totally hands code the project when i also have done.

I'm thinking about this, because I'm always searching to broaden my horizons.

My own preference would be to always develop on your own, as CMSes generally are far too bulky for my taste. Obviously it truly is dependent around the scale from the project. Small websites that do not depend on complex features might take advantage of a Content management systems. They can usually benefit from an easy blog system too though ...

I have created a couple of sites with Joomla way long ago and that i can't state that I had been too astounded by it.

Lately I acquired to assist a collegue having a Content management systems known as modX ( that was interesting to utilize. Although it's learning curve was a little slow, because of the peculiar structure it switches into. So far as I'm able to remember things were not too different for Joomla.

I have to result in the same type of site soon, and was thinking to make use of wordpress or something like that like this.

Cheers, Georgi

The reply is: it is dependent.

There's no reason in investing hrs learning to utilize a non-trivial Content management systems like Joomla for any small project. From the myself carrying this out also it was a significant struggle before the first site was just how I and also the customer planned it.

But when you're past this initial effort it'll repay. When I be aware of system I'm able to create websites much faster than formerly. So if you feel you'll create more websites within the coming several weeks and years: learn Content management systems. A little project is an ideal start.

Among the greatest benefit of a Content management systems, specifically for Joomla, may be the heap of plug ins that may add a variety of functionality aimed at your website. Generally they're rapidly installed and set up.

My advice: go for this!

I love using Joomla, since it enables me to keep my preferred workflow: Screendesign in Illustrator -> Static HTML/CSS -> Joomla Template. IMHO creating Templates for Joomla may be the simpler than other Content management systems i understand (Typo, Wordpress, ModX) while you can simply replace areas of the static version with joomla tags (menu, content etc.) Still it needs a while to get accustomed to the machine, nevertheless its not too hard.

As with every other Content management systems Joomla makes editing simpler for those who have no idea HTML/CSS while offering many extensions for just about any type of features like image art galleries, leaving comments, guestbooks, whatever. You might grab among the 1000's free joomla templates and adapt it for your needs, this may help you save a while.

For that one particular project, maybe you may be faster with handcoding only however, you may think about this like a good chance to understand joomla, if you could utilize this understanding later on. Because this is not really a commercial project, maybe you will have additional time and fewer stress to understand new things.