I've got a Joomla shop that stocks parts for cars. I'm while using Virtuemart component to handle shop aspect.

The very best parent groups for my items are Hvac filters Oil filters Fuel filters Pollen filters

Which means that the virtuemart side menu shows these 4 options, that is fine. However, for that shop (virtuemart) home page I wish to display all of the level 2 subcategories Audi BMW etc

I can not appear to locate a ay to get this done. Presently I am tied to only the 4 top parent groups being shown on the home page, when really I would like the vehicle producers displayed there.

Any ideas?


1) Simple answer: you can test this hack, which shows all subcategories:

in administrator/components/com_virtuemart/classes/ps_product_category.php, search for the road

$allowed = false;
if( $depth_list[$n] > 0 ) 

change it out to

$allowed = true;   //show all by default
if( $depth_list[$n] > 0 ) 

2) I believe the actual problem here's more your business/classification system... it's most likely not optimal to become using groups/sub-groups to represent brands/makes in addition to types-of-items.

I'd suggest you appear more into Virtumart documentation and educate yourself on "Product Types" in addition to "Product Characteristics" -- I believe these could be more suited to what you are attempting to do (when i believe you are able to filter mix-category product-search-results by product-types)

hope this can help, E