I am using Joomla! 1.5.14 and VirtueMart 1.1.3

My codes are located on my small website. However which i wanna make changes, i place the codes into XAMPP to ensure that i'm able to run them in your area and try it out first before i place them up in to the internet. The issue is, once i drenched in as administrator (http://localhost/mysite/administrator/), whenever i click any links (example: "Manage user fields", "Edit store", etc..), it redirects me to my live site. Basically edit after that, the alterations is going to be made straightaway on my small site (which i'd rather not).

May i understand which files and do you know the codes which i should change to ensure that after i click the links that i wish to make changes, it it's still in localhost?

  1. See your configuration file in

  2. Alter the live-site URL from localhost for your live one.

  3. Accept my answer!