Buddies a new question.........I want assist in obtaining the Link to a particular Menu itemID. Everything is such as this:

I'm running Joomla and requesting a person to input for any menu ID and judge a layout for your menu ID.

I wish to make a move else with this particular Link to recption menus itemID.

How do i obtain the Link to this Menu itemID supplied by the consumer?

For Instance when the user input is liek $this->get ('menulayoutid'> and that he inputs and ID of 54 then how do you obtain the URL for Menu ID 54.

Please be aware: I wish to understand this URL from inside my PHP file and never within the browser to ensure that I'm able to use the need for that URL to many other purpose.

Kindly help.

$itemid = JRequest::getVar('Itemid')

$application = JFactory::getApplication()

$menu = $application->getMenu()

$item = $menu->getItem($itemid)

$link = new JURI($item->link)

$link->setVar('ItemId', $itemid)

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