I am a new comer to Joomla (1.5), and I am attempting to clarify something concerning the way Joomla handles Web addresses.

I have triggered the things they call "Internet Search Engine Friendly Web addresses". However it seems that the page (or perhaps an "Article" only will get this type of URL after i connect to it from the menu.

Are pretty (parameter-less) Web addresses really only designated to pages after i connect to them from the menu?

I understand I'm able to assign Aliases to articles, however they don't appear to complete anything. An article's URL appears to become based on the alias of the food selection that links into it.

Is correct, and when so, how do you connect to pages without listing these questions menu (e.g. from inside another page).



Hannes. I am not able to breed your SEF URL problem. Listed here are the steps I required in order to recreate your condition using Joomla Version 1.5.12:

When i first enabled SEF Web addresses per this article.

  • Admin > Site > Global Configuration > Site > Search engine optimization Configurations > Yes towards the three options.

Then i produced test content without adding it to some menu:

  1. Admin > Content > Section Manager > New > "Test Section"
  2. Admin > Content > Category Manager > New > "Test Category"
  3. Admin > Content > Article Manager > New > "Test Article" and designated it to "Test Section / Test Category"

Now I've got a Joomla article that's not designated to some Menu.

Then i visited another article during my site and produced a hyperlink to my Article titled "Test Article."

  1. Admin > Content > Article Manager > Edit > "Source Article"
  2. Highlight/choose a thing > Place/Edit Link > Link Browser > Content (NOT Menu) > Test Section > Test Category > Test Article > Place

Observe that I could connect to this short article by choosing it as being Content. Had I designated it to some menu, which could have been a choice, but it's not really a requirement.

Next I visit the front-finish to find out when the "Test Article" includes a SEF URL or otherwise. During my situation, despite the fact that "Test Article" wasn't designated to some Joomla Menu, it did possess a SEF URL after i adopted this process.

My SEF URL looked something similar to this (using example.com like a "fake" domain):

  • somedomain/test-section/99-test-category/217-test-article.html

I began creating a new Joomla site in May 2009 using 1.5 and to date haven't found an excuse for the sh404SEF extension, although I've observed it's reviews that are positive.

Update: This really appears to be. Why on the planet anybody would design a Content management systems in a way is beyond me, but my prediction is the fact that it's historic (there was once only parameter-style Web addresses, after which pretty Web addresses were smacked on sooner or later).

This could normally be considered a dealbreaker for me personally. A webpage should not have a lot of different Web addresses.

However I found one of the ways for this. This is an extension known as sh404SEF (http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/2380/details). It rewrites all Web addresses on the website and it is really pretty wise about this.