I am developing this site with Joomla! 1.5.22

I wish to search for the file which consists of the codes for registration as i wish to see which table from the MySQL database is storing the users' information.
The main reason i wish to know the reason being i've this mass-registration function which enables the reading through of csv file and upgrading the database in the items in the csv file.

So, if only to understand which table from the database is perfect for the users' registration i quickly can proceed.

Can someone let me know where to find the php file during my Joomla! site folder that consists of the codes for registration?

Thanks ahead of time!

The table in Joomla database storing user details are jos_users(where jos might be changed through the database prefix you'd set throughout Joomla installation). There's no file in Joomla site folder with this, the consumer registration details are fully saved in jos_users database table. Tell us if the can help you.