I'm focusing on Joomla 1.5 at this time and wondered if there's a method to determine, in the UI, which module this really is a part of ? Eg, there's an image viewer around the webpage and I wish to know which module is triggering it.

I actually do it hard way no, where I goto all modules and appearance if each had anything related to it. But wondered if there's an simpler, faster way.

Thanks :)

In my opinion, it is really an problem with many Content management systems - Drupal, Wordpress, and Joomla incorporated. Also it can be very frustrating. My approach is generally:

  1. Search the module listing for something likely. So, inside your example, I'd look for 'picture', 'viewer' 'gallery', etc. and, hopefully, a likely-searching modue would arrive within the listing. Usually, viewing its configurations screen causes it to be apparent whether that module may be the relevant one or otherwise.

  2. In the event that fails, It's my job to consider the source (simplest with firebug), and identify something that's apt to be fairly unique - e.g. a category title or perhaps a specific attribute within the markup. After I have that, I turn to find/grep around the command line to recognize the foundation.

When you are having a lot of extensions, which turns into a regular problem, you can consider modifying templates to incorporate a comment that identifies their module.