I'm using sigplus image gallery extension for JOomla and often I have to put a phone call to the wordpress plugin by utilizing statement. It really works well and it is not visible within the article. However when I would like this short article to show on frontpage and that i use any module from JED for your purpose (news scrollers/slider mobile phones) the statement is seen. Consider the example.

It is possible to method to get this to disappear? Or it is possible to slider module which does not show it?

The main reason you're seeing the phone call towards the wordpress plugin would be that the modules you're using don't trigger the wordpress plugin code therefore it never will get changed having a gallery. That will be an problem regardless of what module you're using since the call if area of the content. Either which will appear or even the gallery will unless of course you manipulate the code to complete otherwise.

Your best choice would be to modify no matter which module you want best. Should you try looking in the SIG wordpress plugin there's a normal expression they're using to exchange the wordpress plugin call using the gallery code. Copy might put it inside your module, but rather up including the gallery code, replace the phone call without a penny and it'll no more come in your module.